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Basic Types of Essay and Its Peculiarities

An essay is a literary piece that has different types based on the goal of the writer. These four types are expository essay, narrative essay, descriptive essay, and persuasive essay.  Here are their main differences:

Expository Essay: Facts Only Please

An expository essay has the goal of informing its readers regarding a certain topic. It has three parts: introduction, body, and conclusion. Here, facts must be presented using any of the following methods: definition, example, cause and effect, classification, and process analysis. Remember to build the essay around those facts, avoid writing in the first person, and do not mix these facts with your personal opinions and feelings. Just tell the facts and that’s all.

In order to write an expository essay, first, the writer has to choose a topic. The broadness or narrowness of the scope of this topic should be dependent on the intended length of the essay. Then, from the topic, the writer must compose a thesis statement and construct the essay around that thesis topic.

Topics for an expository essay could be: how different metals are extracted from the earth’s ground, how the cryptocurrencies work, what is bullying in the 21st century, what is the history of a certain place, etc.

Narrative Essay: Tell Me A Story

A narrative essay has the goal of telling a story. Hence, it has the main elements that a story would usually have: characters, setting, plot, conflict, and theme. All these elements should support each other and revolve around a central theme. The use of concrete and specific sensory details in developing the elements could greatly contribute to making the readers involved in the story.

Unlike the expository essay, the point of view of a narrative essay is in the first person, or that of the author. However, the third person point of view can still be used if it could more appropriately tell the story.

Topics for a narrative essay can be simple or complex, such as: how your day went, how you were raised in your family, how you traveled the world.

Descriptive Essay: Don’t Just Tell, Show

A descriptive essay has the goal of describing an object, a person, a place, a feeling, or anything. Just like the narrative essay, this essay should also consistently revolve a certain point of view that the writer wants to convey. Every detail of a descriptive essay should support the other details and build on the impression that the writer wants to create on the readers.

Like in the narrative essay, sensory details would also greatly add to the clarity of the image or thought being conveyed in a descriptive essay.

A topic for a descriptive essay could be: what it’s like to travel in Bali, how a certain food tastes, what it feels to be stuck in traffic for hours.

Persuasive Essay: Prove Me You’re Right

A persuasive essay aims to convince its readers. This is usually done by stating all the relevant facts to lay the foundation of all the available points of view, then eventually building on that one point of view. The writer then elaborates, states more facts, and deepens the arguments in order to clearly and firmly communicate that the chosen point of view is the correct side to take among others.

A possible theme for a persuasive essay could be: why a certain presidential candidate should win, why a certain brand of ice cream is the best, why a certain movie should be watched.

These types of essays are definitely a reflection of us wanting to express ourselves in many different ways for various different reasons.  So the next time you ask an essay company or write your essay on your own, remember that a clear and consistent goal has a great role in effective writing.

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